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Dee Why, Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia Full Time

Join a team of committed professionals. Work with some of the best equipment in the specialty coffee industry. Train to get better and better and better.

Being part of GIRDLERS COFFEE TEAM means you will work on recipes, extraction, latte art and prepare every detail for our main gig: the weekends.

A must:

  • - Great attitude towards work (help and collaborate with the team EVEN when you are busy).
  • - Know your stuff, but never feel that is enough.
  • - Have trained basic sensory skills.
  • - Experience in the specialty coffee industry.
  • - Communication skills (i.e. say ¨Hi¨, ¨Hello¨, Hola, Ciao bella/o, wink, move your head, etc to the person who is at the till waiting to be served).
  • - Work on weekends.
  • - Respect decaf coffee.

It will help a lot if you:

  • - Like coffee.
  • - Previously worked with coffee recipes.
  • - Used scales and refractometers.
  • - Understand different coffee equipment, tools and gadgets.
  • - Tamp nice and even. (You never know when the Puq press decides to take a rest)
  • - Have the ability to dial and work with at least four different coffees at the same time.
  • - Familiarized with alternative coffee brewing techniques as AEROPRESS, V60, BATCH BREW.

Some of the duties:

  • - Maintain, improve and create recipes for different coffees every week.
  • - Ensure that every coffee meets the highest of standards in quality, presentation and time of preparation.
  • - Use every sense to achieve consistency in the coffee cup.
  • - Ordering and stock management.
  • - Keep your area, equipment and tools clean and tidy.

What you get:

  • - A fun, fast and exciting work environment
  • - Training to get better and better and better.
  • - Work with a team of committed professionals who believes that there is always room for improvement
  • - The opportunity to use great quality products.
  • - Work with some of the best equipment in the specialty coffee industry.
  • - Work in conjunction with roasters, technicians, suppliers and every person or company involved in this project.
  • - Opportunities to progress in a growing company.

Additional Application Instructions

We are looking for long term employment, whether is part time or full time basis. Please email us your CV or bring it to the cafes in Dee Why or Warringah Mall to be contacted for an interview and trial. Thanks!

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